Soil Analysis for Lawns


You will receive:

1. Scientific Soil Analysis

Comprehensive scientific analysis of your soil deficiencies and requirements

2. Detailed Annual Instructions to Balance Your Soil

Annual calendar per season with detailed instructions

Instructions based on the results of your soil analysis

3. Tailored groSMART amendments that match your soil analysis

Annual calendar per season with detailed application instructions

Tailored nutrients aligned to your soil analysis to optimize soil balance and prevent over-application

The World’s Best Soil Analysis

Not sure what type of grass you have? Check out the descriptions for each grass type to see what type of lawn you have.

Kentucky Blue Grass

Perennial Ryegrass

Turf Type Tall Fescue

Fine Fescue (Creeping Red Fescue)

Fine Fescue (Chewings Fescue)


St. Augustine Grass





Use if you want to distinguish what this test is for, i.e. Front Lawn

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Warm Season (Bermuda or St. Augustine), Warm Season (Centipede or Zoysia), Cool Season (Non-Shade), Cool Season (Shade)