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Determining the Area of Your Property
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It Will Help You Make Much Better Buying Decisions

Before you make the next trip to your local lawn and garden center or the Big Box store PLEASE come back to this page and use our Amazing Measuring Tool to calculate the square footage of your property.

WHY, you might ask?  Don’t guess….

  • Know exactly what’s needed based on the size of your lawn or garden. Product leftovers take up scarce room in the garage.  And left over granular products in open bags end up turning hard as a brick or lumpy at best.
  • Having JUST what’s needed will prevent the temptation to apply too much fertilizer….. put down simply because you have just a bit left over…how could it hurt?

Let the Amazing Measuring Tool be Your Guide

Buy ONLY What’s Needed!

Our Soil Analysis customers use the Amazing Measuring Tool to enter the square footage of their property giving our soilWIZARD Algorithm the information needed to recommend EXACTLY how much fertilizer to apply to ensure a healthy lawn and a productive garden.  Don’t Guess….Do the Test!


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